2017 Daytona 500 – Taxing to Thrilling!

The 2017 Daytona 500 contained some of the oddest sequences I can ever recall seeing. With 5 laps to go the top ten was absent of almost all drivers with under 20/1 odds. This was due to over 30 cars being involved in crashes. The Daytona 500 was just that type of rare race as it followed in suit with the rest of the weekends bashing activities. The 2017 Daytona 500 was indeed the superstar laced wreck fest that was predicted. The sunshine factor played havoc on handling and most drivers found themselves chasing a loose condition from the drop of the green flag. The teams were fighting car handeling issues without the luxury of time on pit row. Pit stops were focused on track position or damage repair the entire day. These were desperate drivers racing to the stage’s conclusion in attempt to earn points when nothing seemed certain.

After the tow truck drivers put in double time for the mid/late race portion of the 500 the real racing was on. With 5 laps remaining this group of mostly young drivers ran like all-star racers. In the end with the help of one of the  young sons (#21 R. Blaney) Kurt Busch was sprung to the high line and vaulted to victory passing Kyle Larson on the final lap! The Daytona 500 may have had its taxing moments, however the 500 never fails to deliver a thrilling finish. This year’s running was no exception and hopefully its the beginning of NASCAR racing that is suddenly strategy driven on a curve.

DFS – Drivers priced at over $8,200 on DraftKings were basically absent from the top ten other than Kurt Busch. The winning roster in the big DraftKings $20 entry tournament left over $5000 on the table with Martin Truex Jr. as the highest priced driver. This was the type of carnage filled race that it took to win a tournament of 30,000 entries. Not my style of DFS due to the wipe out weeks but congrats to those who won it.

Many of the DFS suggestions were taken out of the race and even more drivers that did not make the list were taken out as well. This was just as predicted, a wreck fest for the ages and that is saying a lot for Daytona. Cash games and 50/50s, (7) entries cashed and (4) did not for a nice profit. Tournaments were played lightly finished mid pack in most cases. Overall DFS was a slight loss due to only the giant vig.  this was not bad considering what we saw.

Wagering – Hamlin was wrecked twice and still managed to finish on the lead lap. My predicted value winner did not win. However, dealing with Daytona it is hard to get your main pick home and that is the vital reason for the other wagers. If you followed the betting selections provided the night before then you won big overall! Value paid off again at Daytona, this time @ 22/1 odds with K.Busch winning. Again, as I said betting NASCAR is all about value to Las Vegas odds. I believe strongly there are two sets of odds, there are Las Vegas odds, then there are True odds. I spend time investigating (like Columbo, no cigar) what the True odds should be based on a formula.

After the “Smoke” cleared and his driver was in victory circle anybody who followed the blog selections should have made out very well with the 22-1 win. Covering all costs a net profit of >14/1 should have been acquired.

Next week is Atlanta where Kurt Busch has already won 3x. Stay tuned.




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