NASCAR Auto Club Speedway recap – Kyle “Laguna” Larson gets his first victory of the year!

larson win auto club

Kyle Larson was quickly on his way to getting his first win of the 2017 season. This was something so evident that even the most casual NASCAR fan could foresee. He had placed 2nd in almost every race this year and should have won last week in Phoenix. At Auto Club Speedway on Sunday he was not to be denied that elusive victory. While M. Truex had an outstanding car paired with quicker pit entrances and exits than the #42, Larson was never fazed. In the end he did what some were beginning to question, he won. Larson was masterful on the track taking any line or cutting any groove in order to either retake the lead or extend it as he won the initial stage of the race.

M. Truex appeared to be the next best car for the bulk of the race in terms of threatening Larson for the win. However, like last week this race was not going to be without its ulcer inducing strategy sessions. In the final Ten laps there were two cautions where critical decisions (like last week) had to be made. With approximately Ten laps to go a caution came out and Larson went to the pit row, and took on Four tires and fuel while 3 cars on the lead lap choose to stay out. So like last week, Larson had to make critical passes on the final laps to get the win. As irony would serve there was one last caution but all the leaders decided to stay out with only 2 laps remaining. “Laguna” (main drag of his hometown, popular with street racers and police alike) Larson took the restart and never looked back as he would not be denied from his first victory of the year.

While Larson was one of several favorites following qualifying (7 drivers between 7/1-17/2) it was a toss-up to see who would get the win. Larson became the clear betting favorite as a massive (NASCAR relative) wager was placed on him Sunday morning which helped plummet his odds to 4/1. That wager clearly returned a Wonka worthy golden ticket! Larson is hot and there is no reason to think this will end anytime soon considering he is posting great finishes versus outstanding competition.

DFS – Winner on cash games, 50/50s, double-ups, 5/5! Finished mid pack on tourney due to Stenhouse and Bayne wreck as final caution. Was in 1st with 3 laps to go and, ended up in the 20s. DFS was a profit of 2.5x the entry fees.

Wagering – As mentioned this was a week to either wager lightly going into it. Larson was a good bet @ 7.5/1 but as he got pounded at the wager window the value became less. As always and due to the fact that Larson was the highest rated driver to win this week the largest wager went on him of the group. Wagering turned a profit of 3.5x the entry fees. 

Overall it was another very profitable week for the players!

Next week – Martinsville

Maybe Kyle Busch tries to dump Logano late in the race at Martinsville if its convenient?



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