NASCAR Daytona 500 Selections – Daily Fantasy and Wagering


Welcome to Daytona Day! It should be a great race with a strong possibility of going to overtime to decide the winner.

The driver selections below are divided by Draftkings pricing tiers. My top DFS roster plays are in bold and listed per tier. There are several bargain drivers which offer plenty of salary cap relief in roster construction. This type of pricing could allow a roster to be made of both superstars and superspeedway specialists. If this is not the direction you choose to construct your line-up there is still ample room for fitting in high and mid priced drivers with little difficulty.

DFS – These picks are geared toward single entry, 3 entry max, and small field tournament rosters. These selections can be used for most cash games (50/50) as well. If playing in a large field tournament (>1500 entries) I recommend taking a deep flyer or leaving some salary cap money on the table to help create a contrarian lineup to the masses. The entire salary cap does not need to always spent, specifically in the first race of the year which is known to be wild.

The drivers listed below are in order of value and prime factors for their price tier only. Notice a lower priced driver might be at the top of their price tier. Due to value or other factors I believe they are a better play than the more expensive choice. If a driver is not listed then they did not qualify for the final cut. However, that does not mean they can’t or will not win the 500 but you have to take a stand. Usually poor value, potential high ownership or other major factors are the reason for not making the list.

DK Price Tier $9,000 – $10,600

D. Hamilin – $9,600

K. Harvick – $9,700

J. Logano – $9,900

B. Keslowski – $10,300

Kyle Busch – $9,400


DK Price Tier $8,000 – $8,900

A. Dillon – $8,200

M. Kenseth – $8,700

J. McMurray – $8,000

Kurt Busch – $8,800


DK Price Tier $7,000 – $7,900

C. Bowyer $7,800 

R. Stenhouse $7,000

R. Newman $7,500

K. Kahne $7,600


DK Price Tier < $7,000

Almirola $6,300

Regan $6,000

Bayne $6,800

Ty Dillon $6,200

D. Patrick $6,500

M. McDowell $5,800

At Daytona there is a chance of many drivers being taken out by no fault of their own so please play lightly. So far this weekend there have been many big accidents in both of the under series races. I would not be surprised if more of the same happens in the 500. There has been very little practice time in the weather conditions forecasted for tomorrow’s race .

Wagering on Daytona 500

Other than Hamlin and Harvick these are all wild cards as the odds would indicate. Daytona and Talladega are basically the only tracks I would take chances on this many or these type of long shots.

D. Hamlin – 15/2, based on best value and prime factors the #11 is my prime wagering selection for the win.

K. Harvick – 12/1

Kurt Busch – 22/1

J. McMurray – 25/1

R. Newman 60/1

T. Bayne 60/1

Updates possible anytime up to race start.

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Stats used for roster construction and formula are courtesy of




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