NASCAR Martinsville STP 500 recap – Keslowski wins the clock, DFS and wagering wins result in champagne celebrations for the players!

keslowski martinsville

Brad Keslowski handled the 500 laps at Martinsville like a true champion. He came back from a Pit row speeding ticket early in the race to earn a Grandfather clock. He was forced to battle his way back up front and did so while keeping the car damage free. The #2 was able to essentially cover the field on his rebound to first place. He made #18 look rather ordinary in a race where Kyle Busch was the overwhelming favorite @ 4/1. In the end we hit again and we avoided the pitfalls of the #4, #18, #20, #48, and #88. All of them were left off our betting tickets. All were left off our DFS rosters with the exception of the #18 who earned a ton of fantasy points due to laps led.

Following the win, in a fan producing move Keslowski went into the crowd after the race and gave his bottle of champagne to a couple of fans. Those are the kind of maneuvers that quickly help shed any dislike by the fans. I’ll admit it, I did not care for him much ever since he had that run in several years ago with another driver, I can not remember who the other driver was, maybe you do? Then in an interview right after Bob Keslowski came to Brad’s defense saying something like he would put his racing suit on and go out there to teach a lesson or two. That incident rubbed many fans the wrong way and probably unfairly turned fans against Brad. However, if you listen to him talk or his commentary on a race its obvious that he is really smart and easy to like. Additionally, there is no denying the level of talent that Brad possesses, he is absolutely one of the best on the circuit. He was quietly one of the very best all weekend and flew under the DFS and wagering radar. We knew going into the race that 48% of the wins at Martinsville come from a top four starting spot and Brad starting 4th did not let us down.

DFS – With the sole exception of McMurray, the overwhelming majority of the rosters were a who’s who of the top five and top ten finishers, and that made for a profitable day on DraftKings. Winning 13/17 cash games (50/50s & Double ups), and placing top #10 in a (3) tournament entry for a decent net profit overall. Combined with cash games and tournament entries a 5.5x entry fee profit was made on DFS alone! Additionally, I have heard from several Yahoo fantasy players this week who made significant margins on their set fantasy racing leagues as well.

It appears that NASCAR is growing in popularity on DraftKings as all major contests were filled long before the race began, and several other contests were added late in order to accommodate the demand.

Wagering – Winners again! Keslowski hit as the 5th overall favorite and that worked out very well coming in at 7/1! Covering all wagers we were able to make a 4.5x profit! Playing both DFS and wagering an overall net profit of 10/1 was made!  Remember, we bet for value and value has been paying us all season long and for well over 20 years of NASCAR wagering.

If you have played both DFS and wagered every week since Daytona then enough profit should be acquired to pay for all wagers and DFS contest until approximately Watkins Glen. Folks we are scorching hot at betting window and on DraftKings! Go ahead pop the bottle of champagne because we are going to make massive profits by the year’s end!

Lastly I want to thank the players who have messaged me about their success all year. Additionally I have taken any concerns you have (same concern mostly) and I will work to resolve this issue. Some are concerned (rightfully so) that making the selections open to the general public has caused some split winnings with duplicate rosters. This problem will be addressed and likely eliminated in the next two weeks. More to come on this as I work out the details.