NASCAR recap – Kevin Harvick, when in Atlanta, do like the Falcons?

keslowsli atlanta.jpg

Kevin Harvick decided to do his best impression of the Atlanta Falcons Superbowl performance yesterday. He completely dominated the race and then like the Falcons, got just a bit too cute by pushing it over the limit on pit row. As discussed in detail on the blog leading up to the race we knew that pit row penalties (13 total) could make it or break it in Atlanta.  After an eyebrow raising decision by A. Dillon’s team to keep him on the track after losing power the caution flag came out. Harvick who was leading and dominating the race came to pit row and was penalized for his entrance speed. He had the lead along with the best car, and the number one pit box. He would now have to start at the back of the pack taking him out of contention.

As the Green flag came back out with approximately 10 laps to go and K. Larson in the lead, and seemingly in control things got even more odd. Larson who had run the bottom of the track the entire day decided to run the high line. This move effectively allowed B. Keslowski (everyone’s favorite driver) to catch and blow past him with few laps remaining and take the checkered flag.

This was the most ridiculous ending I can recall seeing in several years. Harvick took the “when in Rome do like the Romans” theme way too far and for that he becomes further snake bit in Atlanta. K. Larson had no business running the high line and driving through his rearview mirror in order to hold off Keslowski. This was as bad as any prevent defense I can recall seeing. Keslowski, like the Patriots was gifted this win due to the inability of the classier competition to seal the deal.

Lets review the daily fantasy and wagering results.

Wagering – Lost on driver to win bets as we had Harvick , and Larson up front and we know what they did. If either driver does not blow it, this week would have covered all action for 75% of the year.

DFS – Smashed it! Total domination as 100% of cash games were won. Then the whopper as finishing 2nd out of 90 entries in DraftKings (ideal price/sized) tournaments. This is compounded by every tournament entered had an average finish of 1st-4th place. DFS paid off at 28-1 this week! Covering all bets and vig there was a profit of 19-1 this week. Combine those results with last week and all action should be covered until after the all-star race. This is a fantastic start to the season and I see no reason it should change.

Next week we go to Vegas to literally beat them on their own turf, again! I have crushed the Las Vegas race in the past while attending it live several times.