NASCAR recap – Truex wins preliminary bout in thrilling fashion, while Rowdy Busch vs Logano becomes the main event!

busch with offical

Las Vegas has been the host to many of the biggest prize fights in the sport of boxing. However I would go on record as saying that Kyle Busch vs J. Logano , and his corner men was viewed by the largest live audience in Las Vegas history. Rowdy simply freaked out when he and Logano got together coming to the checkered flag. Kyle made a squeeze move on the backstretch and then got the same treatment by Logano in the final turn. Once Kyle got himself out of the car he went directly to Logano’s pit and punched him without saying a word. Kyle was then engaged in a full-fledged brawl on the ground with Logano’s pit crew. It took an authoritative and impressive NASCAR official (pictured above) to separate the battling parties in a quick manner. When Kyle was pulled up off the ground he had a decent cut on his forehead but vowed to carry the grudge to Phoenix and likely longer.

This is explosive rivalry is unique for a couple of reasons. First it’s odd to have something this dramatic happen so early in the season. Normally these issues between drivers develop later in the racing year as frustration is accumulated. Secondly, what makes this discord so volatile is that both Rowdy and Logano are very aggressive on the track. I have a strong feeling that the #18 & #22 will be like magnets to one another going forward. This was just the type of spontaneous rouge event that will keep NASCAR in the headlines for the present time.

Truex and Keslowski were dominant all day. Clean air is still king at Las Vegas and if it were not for a late race mechanical issue Keslowski would have been in victory lane for the second consecutive week. They were lined up 1 & 2 most of the day, and both took advantage of it. Rarely did either driver surrender the lead other than to J. Johnson who was off-cycle on pit stops and led some mid-race laps. With the win at Las Vegas, Truex became the only driver to sweep all three stages of a race under the new format this year.

truex vegas

Wagering – We were a bridesmaid again this week with both Larson and Logano. Keslowski was 5/1 and that is simply too low for almost any race. When Jeff Gordon was in his prime we would see odds like 5/1. Keslowski while an excellent young driver is not in Gordon’s class currently. Truex was on my wagering bubble and I left him off due to the fact that too many drivers were in the 5/1-8/1 range. I tried to give some sort of wagering value on drivers this week when there was very little to be had. R. Blaney getting bet down to 22/1 is astounding. Those odds are highway robbery considering the difference between a good young racer with lots of potential versus a proven winner in a mulit-car team. Blaney was closer to 45/1 in my book and although he did great that is a long way from winning. The Las Vegas odds makers made a bundle for the sportsbooks on this race by pruning the odds across the board for the known and highly elevated wagering handle.

Daily Fantasy – Big profits for the Third week in a row! We had the entire top #5 covered and this provided another winning afternoon! Even if several lineups were created from the selections there is a strong chance all of them cashed in 50/50s or double ups. I had one line-up for the 50/50s and it cashed in all 9 contests. Tournament wise we were on point winning over 4x our entry costs.

At the end of the day when the fighters went back to their pit boxes, and Truex was done waving the checkered flag the subscribers should have made a net profit of at least 4/1. This profit is after covering all wagers and DFS contest fees. See the screenshot below as less than $300 in line-up fees was turned into over $1500 in tournaments alone. After the first 3 weeks if you have both wagered and played DFS, based on the selections provided you should have ample profits to pay all entry fees and wagering action until July!


Next week is Phoenix and the continuation of winning.


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