Why to transition from the NFL directly to NASCAR daily fantasy and wagering

Proposition bets for Super Bowl XLV are posted at the race and sports book in the Las Vegas Hilton

Greetings fellow daily fantasy sports (DFS) players and bettors from the NFL and more! The goal of this social media campaign is to offer discussion, research, and strategic decisions around the “underserved” NASCAR daily fantasy and wagering community on a weekly basis. This will be geared toward NASCAR fans who are new to fantasy NASCAR, and to NFL DFS players who want to transition to NASCAR. This page will also focus on NASCAR wagering in detail.

Currently amongst the daily fantasy sports, NASCAR has one of the smallest player pools on DraftKings when compared to NFL, MLB, and NBA.  This reduced group of players offers a tremendous opportunity for both new and seasoned DFS players from other sports to involved while the growth is still evolving.

DFS players from other sports have been slow to adopt NASCAR in comparison to NBA, Hockey, and Golf. However, it should be noted that NASCAR has as many or more fans which is paired with generally better TV ratings than the sports listed above. Additionally I believe NASCAR over the MLB and NBA is the best sport for an NFL DFS player to adopt during the NFL offseason. Due to scheduling reasons, inexperienced player pools, and many other critical factors I believe NASCAR is the superior choice to any other daily fantasy sport during the NFL offseason.

I would like to mention something else that is critical to making a profit. DraftKings is in need of major guidance in terms of their NASCAR pricing tiers. They have so little experience with pricing NASCAR drivers that almost all of their pricing is based of the Vegas odds, and does not come out until Wednesday and the earliest. One footnote to this, the Vegas odds or line is set on the public wagering percentage profile. This means simply the sportsbooks in Vegas set the odds based on how they perceive the public will be wagering based on past results and intake. This is done so they do not get burned in one direction and can safely collect on the vig. It might seem odd to hear the word safety and sportsbook used together but from the sportsbook side it’s all about safety. Anyone who has questions should educate themselves to the devastating lesson learned when William Perry scored a touchdown in the 1985 Superbowl. If your unfamiliar with this story it was the biggest single event to change the way sportsbooks operate today. Several casinos went out of business, not the sportsbooks, the whole casinos went out of business because of this one wager proposition.

perry TD.png

Below is just a little about my NASCAR history.

  • NASCAR fan first and foremost and have been for over Twenty years
  • Attended approximately Twenty races at several tracks specifically on the west coast, and spent time at many of the race shops in the Charlotte area
  • DFS player with experience playing all sports but truly concentrated on NFL and NASCAR for 20 years
  • Developed one of the very first fantasy NASCAR cash leagues and commissioned in 1993
  • Background in sports analytics in relation to NFL and NASCAR in both DFS and wagering structures.
  • Wagering on NASCAR race winners and driver matchups for over Twenty years has been highly profitable.
  • Every year when over ten races wagered on a significant profit was made.
  • DFS winning  percentage of >72% in NASCAR made each of the last three seasons on DraftKings

Below are just a few (very few) of the NASCAR winning wagers personally placed over the last 20 years, all at 20/1 or more.

  • 1999, Pocono 35 of 38 driver matchup parlay cards were winners with each card paying a minimum of 13/1 and many paid up to 50/1!
  • 2004, R. Wallace – Martinsville @ 24/1
  • 2008, R. Newman – Daytona 500 @ 37/1
  • 2009, K. Kahne – Sonoma @ 81/1
  • 2011, B. Keslowski – Bristol @ 25/1
  • 2014, K. Kahne – Atlanta @ 30/1
  • 2015, M. Truex Jr. – Pocono @ 20/1
  • 2017, Kurt Busch – Daytona @ 22/1

These are a few of the occasions where things fell in my direction. Luck had something to do with it as it always does, but being in the right spots race after race has driven my success at the NASCAR betting window. Looking forward we will take a race to race view on NASCAR DFS and wagering. Using a formula approach we will be making smart lineup decisions and wagers on race day. The goal here is to turn a profit for the players. The interest in Daily fantasy and wagering both in person and online is rapidly expanding year over year. I hope to provide a larger footprint for NASCAR in this area, more like a tire track! Due to the small NASCAR market share in DFS and wagering compared to almost all other sports there are significant gains to be made!

*In the first five races of 2017 we have turned enough profit in most cases to pay for all wagers and DFS entries until mid July!

The selections or discussions related to NASCAR DFS or wagering on this blog site are my own opinions and the opinions of others and should be taken as just that. Please do your own research and play responsibly and legally.




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